The restaurant is named Húsagarður after the historic farmhouse, which for a time stood in the field where Hotel Brandan is now located.

Húsagarður is amongst the oldest farms in Tórshavn and holds a special place in the town’s history. The farm can be traced back to the time of the Viking settlements and it originally stood in Húsabrúgv overlooking Tórshavn’s historic quarters, east of Tórshavn Cathedral where Hotel Hafnia’s parking lot can now be found. It is believed, that the oldest sections of the farm were built in the 14th century. 

By the 1930s old Tórshavn had grown quite crowded. The town was expanding quickly and it was encroaching on the farm’s land, which with its stables and manure yard suddenly found itself in a bustling town centre. 

This is why the older section of the farmhouse, Eystari Húsagarður, was moved up to Húsahagi near Gundadalur valley. At the time, this area was considered so remote that it became know amongst the locals as ‘up in Mexico’, just as other places acquired popular names such as ‘China hill’ and ‘out in Greenland’. 

Still, it was not long before Tórshavn grew into a city and caught up with Húsagarður. In time, the house was repaired and used as a family home. 

Today, Húsagarður opens its doors again in a different format to offer us enticing Nordic and international cuisine of the highest standards using fresh ingredients.

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday:
18.00 – 21.00

Friday & Saturday:
18.00 – 21.30